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Can Shiatsu and craniosacral therapy together relieve migraine?

Do you struggle with migraine or other kinds of head pain?
Are they interfering with your ability to live your life?
Are you ready to go beyond what you've been doing and heal the root cause of the issue?
Do you live in Seattle?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would be a great candidate for my upcoming case study. I am researching the extent to which regular sessions of Shiatsu and craniosacral therapy can relieve migraine and other head pain.

Changes to Shiatsu Classes in Seattle

Stephen Brown and Alison Day are currently pursuing new avenues in their practices. For now they will not be offering workshops in Seattle.
They are committed to their practices in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island where they continue to see clients.

Stephen's practice focuses on Acupuncture, Zen shiatsu, and Sotai.

Alison's practice focuses on Zen shiatsu, Sotai, and Craniosacral therapy.

October Workshop for Acupuncturists

Shudo Style Meridian Therapy will be taught in Seattle at a three day workshop in October.

This is a rare opportunity too learn from those closest to the source. Murata sensei will present and Stephen Brown will assist him and translate.

Dates: October 12th thru 14th, 2018 at the Silver Cloud Hotel, Seattle, WA. Registration fee $500 for three days.

For more details and to register visit www.highdeserthari.org

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