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SOTAI Summit II in Boulder CO.

Come learn Sotai Movement Therapy in Boulder in September with leaders from Japan and the US.

Sotai is a simple, elegant, and effective system designed for structural alignment, Qi enhancement, improved range of motion, and efficient new movement patterns. It can be integrated seamlessly into any bodywork practice, acupuncture, or physical therapy session. Read more about SOTAI Summit II in Boulder CO.

Grounding in the Hara

Here we are at the summer solstice, expansive energy of Fire Element surrounds us.

To stay grounded in a time of expansive energy, one needs to maintain natural balance by being centered in the hara.

I feel this is especially important for shiatsu practitioners. From the hara we can give strong, skillful, and appropriate shiatsu. How is this done?

One way I have found is to prepare myself before beginning my sessions: scan my body, allow my mind-chatter to dissipate, sink into hara, and expand out 360° around me. Read more about Grounding in the Hara

Touching Wholeness

We have recently passed the Spring Equinox: equal night length and day length, Yin and Yang balance.
How does that balance reflect in our lives? How does that balance reflect in our practice? How often do we touch into the wholeness of our being?

I am particularly thinking of how the bodywork therapy that we practice can be supported by the conscious act of touching into a personal sense of wholeness.

"Feeling whole, even for a brief moment, nourishes us at a deep level. It is the source of healing and strength when faced with stress and pain." Read more about Touching Wholeness

Inner and outer resources

Health is all about managing our inner and outer resources. Read more about Inner and outer resources

Aspects of health and healing

So what is health really? The World Health Organization defined health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." This broader definition points to the impossibility for one medical system to maintain health. Read more about Aspects of health and healing

The Hidden Aspect

The problem with modern medicine is not that it’s not effective, but that in many cases it is too focused and the effect is too strong. The joke goes “surgery was successful but the patient died.” In pursuit of powerful effects, modern medicine often disregards the body’s own natural strengths and limits. Strong treatments are great when the problem is acute like an injury or a physical defect, but become dangerous when the problem is chronic or is part of the process of aging. Read more about The Hidden Aspect

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