(all workshops grant 12 hrs CE credits)

WorkshopsMeridians for Bodywork
Learn the system of energy (the meridians) for balancing the body and treating illness. The meridians are presented in a hands-on way along with major acupuncture points and stretches. Learn the names, functions, and location of the meridians in a way that enables immediate application for self-help and bodywork.

Instructor: Stephen Brown


Introduction to Sotai Therapy
Sotai Therapy is a Japanese system of gentle exercises for structural integration. Sotai is a perfect complement to shiatsu, both for treatment and as movement education to facilitate healing in clients with pain and physical dysfunction. Learn about the theory and basic techniques of this natural approach to structural integration.

Instructor: Stephen Brown 


Shiatsu and Structural Integration 
Expand assessment and treatment skills by applying the principles of shiatsu, stretching, and Sotai. Increase your repertoire of Sotai techniques, and learn to engage and facilitate the release of core restrictions. Build on a foundation of energy balancing to encourage the cultivation of balance applying awareness, breath, and gentle movements.

Instructor: Stephen Brown 


The Five Principles of Zen Shiatsu

What makes Zen Shiatsu stand out as a body-work modality?
This class will introduce you to the Five Principles, the tool of Zen Shiatsu: hands, hara, and energy (ki). The class takes place in a traditional setting, working on futons on the floor and wearing comfortable clothing. Technique is important and so is awareness of movement.  We will explore how to initiate movement with ease from our hara (dantien) and center of power. As you develop the hara you will relax into movement and connect more easily with your own ki (energy in the hara) and the ki (energy in the meridians) of the receiver. The class will satisfy your curiosity about shiatsu and clarify first hand the differences between massage and Zen Shiatsu. You will be able to adapt certain elements immediately into your own practice.

Instructor: Alison Day 


When East blends with West: bringing Shiatsu into table massage

This weekend workshop invites bodyworkers to view the receiver’s body from a wider perspective - one that includes ki (chi) flowing through meridians. We will explore the concept of ki and how to move ki through arms and legs using meridian stretches and acupressure points in the hands and feet. We will discover the benefits of  hara work on our own ki  and our client’s through exercises and gentle palpation and stimulation of the abdomen. The material of this weekend can be incorporated seamlessly into massage treatments. We will be working on tables. Please wear loose fitting clothes for ease of movement.

Instructor Alison Day


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