Stepping into Mastery: Cultivating the Vibrational Aspects of Shiatsu

In this weekend workshop, learn to welcome the invisible into your work. You will receive tools to feel and work with the invisible vibrations of Ki. You will be shown effective exercises to center yourself in your hara and strengthen core energy. There will be plenty of time for practice with fellow students so you can feel the results of working at a new level with the skill you have attained.

Prerequisite: knowledge and experience of the principles of Zen Shiatsu.

Introduction to Sotai Therapy

Sotai Therapy is a Japanese system of gentle exercises for structural integration. Sotai is a perfect complement to shiatsu, both for treatment and as movement education to facilitate healing in clients with pain and physical dysfunction. Learn about the theory and basic techniques of this natural approach to structural integration.


When East blends with West: bringing Shiatsu into table massage

This weekend workshop invites bodyworkers to view the receiver’s body from a wider perspective - one that includes ki (chi) flowing through meridians. We will explore the concept of ki and how to move ki through arms and legs using meridian stretches and acupressure points in the hands and feet. We will discover the benefits of hara work on our own ki and our client’s through exercises and gentle palpation and stimulation of the abdomen. The material of this weekend can be incorporated seamlessly into massage treatments. We will be working on tables. Please wear loose fitting clothes for ease of movement.