Masunaga Style Shiatsu taught at Zen Shiatsu Chicago

Forty shiatsu therapists from all over U.S.A gathered recently in the university city of Evanston IL. They came from the coasts and islands, the plains and mountains: Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, New York City, Illinois, Colorado, hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, and Washington. Acupuncturists came too.

They were eager to learn from three master practitioners, Jeff Dann, Michael DeAgro, and Bob Quinn, about the potential of Sotai to rebalance the body through structural realignment.

Steve Rogne and his team at the Zen Shiatsu Chicago School in Evanston staged a fine learning forum.

The school offers a Shiatsu Certification Program in the tradition of Shizuto Masunaga Sensei. One is a 625 hour course that roles out over 18 months. The other is a 380 hour program geared to licensed massage therapists.

This Spring, Steve Rogne brings Paul Lundberg, author of "The Book of Shiatsu" for a six day intensive. This is a rare opportunity for experienced shiatsu therapists to learn from a European Shiatsu master. For information go to

The school's website is