Atlas of Shiatsu

Memorizing the pathways of all the meridians demands stick-to-itiveness. So when a clear illustrated reference presents itself it is worth taking a look.

"Atlas of Shiatsu - Meridians of Zen Shiatsu," written by German Zen shiatsu masters, Wilfried Rappenecker and Meike Kockrick, is a welcome addition to the printed body of knowledge in our field. The hardback English translation is now available again from Redwing Book Company Inc.

This second edition is well designed, showing the pathways in relation to muscles and bony landmarks. At the same time the authors emphasize that meridians are spaces not lines. The excellent introduction provides food for thought for aspiring, and experienced shiatsu practitioners including descriptions of how to tap into the depth and expanse of a meridian and how to expand one's energetic perception.

I feel this is an essential; a book that you will return to regularly, a book that will support you as your own practice progresses.