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Masunaga Style Shiatsu taught at Zen Shiatsu Chicago

Forty shiatsu therapists from all over U.S.A gathered recently in the university city of Evanston IL. They came from the coasts and islands, the plains and mountains: Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, New York City, Illinois, Colorado, hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, and Washington. Acupuncturists came too.

They were eager to learn from three master practitioners, Jeff Dann, Michael DeAgro, and Bob Quinn, about the potential of Sotai to rebalance the body through structural realignment. Read more about Masunaga Style Shiatsu taught at Zen Shiatsu Chicago

The Hidden Aspect

The problem with modern medicine is not that it’s not effective, but that in many cases it is too focused and the effect is too strong. The joke goes “surgery was successful but the patient died.” In pursuit of powerful effects, modern medicine often disregards the body’s own natural strengths and limits. Strong treatments are great when the problem is acute like an injury or a physical defect, but become dangerous when the problem is chronic or is part of the process of aging. Read more about The Hidden Aspect

Meridian Exercises with Stephen Brown

Join Stephen Brown for an afternoon of Meridian Exercises 

Sunday October 23rd 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Registration: Call (206) 855 9587 or e-mail

Location: Institute of BodyMind Energetics, 15832 -34th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98155 Read more about Meridian Exercises with Stephen Brown

On-line Scheduling for Alison Day LMP

You can now book appointments with Alison on-line through MindBody.

The link is

Another option is to download the app MindBody Connect
Search for Alison Day LMP Read more about On-line Scheduling for Alison Day LMP

Atlas of Shiatsu

Memorizing the pathways of all the meridians demands stick-to-itiveness. So when a clear illustrated reference presents itself it is worth taking a look.

"Atlas of Shiatsu - Meridians of Zen Shiatsu," written by German Zen shiatsu masters, Wilfried Rappenecker and Meike Kockrick, is a welcome addition to the printed body of knowledge in our field. The hardback English translation is now available again from Redwing Book Company Inc. Read more about Atlas of Shiatsu

Meridian Exercises with Stephen Brown

Our Exercises page now has a video of meridian exercises.
Join in while Stephen Brown walks you through each of ten exercises. It's a 15 minute set. This is perfect for anyone who needs help with the exercises or wants to start a regular daily practice.
The meridian exercises video - balancing energy for mind-body health is our offering to you as you progress toward sustained well-being. Read more about Meridian Exercises with Stephen Brown

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